[asterisk-dev] AMD

info at magnussolution.com info at magnussolution.com
Wed Jan 29 15:07:30 CST 2020


I’m to try execute AMD on the 183 signalisation, to detect audio on early media.

I’m work in  app_dial.c and it work ok when the audio start on the beginner, but when keep ringing I need to continue analyse until receive the 200 OK or some error. I already do it

but, always there a but, when the call is canceled I need to stop the whatfor() method.

while ((res = ast_waitfor(chan, 2 * maxWaitTimeForFrame)) > -1) {
	//here is where I analise the 183 
	/* this code check the chan status to break the while()*/
	if (ast_channel_state(chan) != 5) { 
		 ast_verb(1,"status channel answere %d \n",ast_channel_state(chan));


there are any method to check if the originate channel CANCEL the call?

best regards.

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