[asterisk-dev] [BOUNTY] Add Display Name to RLS Subscriptions

Feature Request asteriskfeaturerequest.rls at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 07:09:17 CST 2020

Our challenges:

   1. Without using RLS, every Busy Lamp Field (BLF) on each device is a
   single subscription to our servers.  Each subscription consumes resources.
   The solution is to use RLS which will combine all BLFs per device into a
   single subscription.
   2. Using RLS, a new issue is created.  Whereas BLFs allow us to provide
   a display name for each entry, RLS only shows the extension.  This is not
   end user friendly.

I would like to propose the following bounty:

   - Reward: $2,000.00 USD upon completion of the following requirements
   - Extend PJSIP Resource List configuration, or other entity, to provide
   a display name field or option.  If a value is not provided, continue to
   use list_item value
   - Extend message-summary NOTIFY data to include provided display name
   - Receive community approval
   - Commit to the trunk

Please direct all considerations and replies to
asteriskfeaturerequest.rls at gmail.com.
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