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Dan Cropp dan at amtelco.com
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Thank you Joshua

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On Thu, Apr 4, 2019, at 3:53 PM, Dan Cropp wrote:
> For a PSJIP configurable setting on whether to include the norefersub 
> or not, is it acceptable to use a setting in the pjsip.conf under the 
> global type section?

Yes, that should be fine.

> Ideally this would be a per endpoint setting but we're having trouble 
> with that because it seems the capability is loaded in the 
> res_pjsip_refer load_module function.
> Since Cisco doesn't adhere to the standard, we're concerned they may 
> detect norefersub Supported in other packets and decide to process it 
> incorrectly if it's only excluded from the REFER packet.
> Would it even be possible to toggle the Supported capabilities for 
> endpoints based on the command being sent?

I don't know if PJSIP would allow such a thing easily but with effort it's probably possible, by modifying the outgoing traffic as it goes out.

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