[asterisk-dev] Looking for help with gerrit for submitting an issue fix for review

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Apr 2 09:31:10 CDT 2019

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019, at 11:24 AM, Dan Cropp wrote:
> Attempting to go through the Gerrit Usage instructions again this week.
> Last week, I was able to clone from gerrit, I branched the issue I was 
> working on, made changes and ran tests.  I was able to commit locally, 
> but could not push the changes back to gerrit.   I receive the prompt 
> for the Username https://gerrit.asterisk.org and password for 
> https://myusername@gerrit.asterisk.org
> I have confirmed my credentials on gerrit.
> When I execute git remote -v
> origin  http://gerrit.asterisk.org/asterisk (fetch)
> origin  http://gerrit.asterisk.org/asterisk (push)

This would appear to be an anonymous clone which is likely why it did not work.


> Can anyone provide some guidance?

The address to clone from, in the case of asterisk, would be:

The default branch will be master.

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