[asterisk-dev] write my self app. Debug

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at palosanto.com
Wed Sep 12 17:28:22 CDT 2018

El 12/9/18 a las 14:33, info at magnussolution.com escribió:
> that’s correct. I wrote a ael context with func_odbc and this work very well.
> But, using my app_mbilling.c work more faster than ael and func_odbc.
> example:
> agi 15 CPS
> ael-func_odbc 30 CPS
> native application 50 CPS

Have you tried yet FastAGI? Ordinary AGI is slowed down by the spawning of an entire process per call. FastAGI just requires a daemon that listens to requests on a TCP/IP port. This is way less invasive than writing a whole new Asterisk application in C. 
Any bottlenecks would now be located in the FastAGI server and could be tuned without touching the Asterisk core.

As an aside, just a wild guess, but I think the crashes could be due to one or more race conditions, and the proper locking required to solve them would slow down your C application to the ael-func_odbc level.

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