[asterisk-dev] Testsuite python3 compatibility

Corey Farrell git at cfware.com
Sat May 12 09:39:42 CDT 2018

An Asterisk WIKI page [1] exists.  It has the basics but it's a bit out 
of date.

Some notes:

  * For the purpose of this test you should use Linux.  It may work on
    *BSD but that would introduce a new mostly untested variable.  If
    you are doing this in a VM the options which have been tested most
    are Fedora 27 and Ubuntu 17 (they're used by jenkins build agents). 
    CentOS 7 is also used by the build agents but Fedora/Ubuntu are
    likely easier to get all the dependencies installed.
  * Don't worry about asttest if you can't build it.  It's not
    compatible with current versions of lua and has no effect on this
    review (lua tests do not use python).
  * For python libraries make sure you are installing the python2
    versions of everything.  As I said some tests do work in python3
    with my patch but the goal of this testing is to ensure no
    regressions are created in python2.  Once that's done the changes
    needed to get python3 working will be much smaller.
  * For starpy dependency please use the patch from
  * You may be able to use the version of sipp packaged with the OS,
    just check 'sipp -v' to see if it was compiled with the required
    features.  If you have to install from source please download the
    latest version, not 3.4.1.
  * Some additional python modules needed: autobahn, lxml, construct,
    netifaces, pyxb.

Once you believe you have the dependencies please run `./runtests.py 
-l|grep -e 'Met: False'|sort|uniq -c`.  This will tell you if any 
dependencies are missing and how many tests will be skipped due to each 
dependency.  To actually run the testsuite you can use './runtests.py' 
without any arguments.  One argument that might be useful is 
`--timeout=300`.  This way if any test stops producing output for 5 
minutes the testsuite will assume it locked up and will terminate it / 
move on.  The full run should take at least a couple hours.

After you've run the testsuite please upload your 
asterisk-test-suite-report.xml to JIRA even if you had total success.  
This way we can see which tests (if any) were skipped due to 
dependencies and we'll be able to target those for testing.

Thank you, Corey


On 05/12/2018 09:32 AM, Alexander Traud wrote:
>> who has available hardware to run the complete testsuite
>> against Asterisk master
> Would love to help. What is required exactly? I never got the Test Suite running because of its amount of dependencies. Is there an up-to-date guide anywhere?

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