[asterisk-dev] Testsuite python3 compatibility

Corey Farrell git at cfware.com
Thu May 10 16:21:56 CDT 2018

I've posted python3 compatibility changes for the testsuite [1]. This 
has gotten some testing (which found issues that have been fixed), but 
really a full testsuite run is required to verify no errors.  I do not 
have adequate hardware to complete this task, I'm hoping someone in the 
community could assist with this.  I'm looking for anyone who has 
available hardware to run the complete testsuite against Asterisk master 
and report any regressions this patch causes for python2.  Although some 
tests may work with python3 many will not, once this patch is merged we 
can more easily fix issues in the individual tests.  Feel free to report 
regressions as findings on the review or you can just upload 
asterisk-test-suite-report.xml to the JIRA ticket [2].


[1] https://gerrit.asterisk.org/8854
[2] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-26826

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