[asterisk-dev] Unused channel tech ast_kill_tech ?

Richard Mudgett rmudgett at digium.com
Tue Jun 19 09:02:52 CDT 2018

On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 8:42 AM, Jean Aunis <jean.aunis at prescom.fr> wrote:

> Hello,
> Digging through Asterisk's code, I stumbled upon a strange channel
> technology called "ast_kill_tech" (take a look at channel.c / channel.h).
> There is a note stating it is used by Zombie channels, but actually it does
> not seem to be used at all, the technology is not even registered.
> Am I missing something obvious, or could this piece of code be safely
> removed ?
It is no longer needed.  It was used in v11 for the DTMF attended transfer
when some code was
conditionaled in but is no longer needed since then.  There is a big
comment block in the v11
main/features.c file describing what it used to fix.  Since v12 that issue
no longer exists.

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