[asterisk-dev] ARI, Stasis, and Dialplan

Seán C. McCord ulexus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 12:52:48 CST 2018

Neither of my previous emails appear to be showing up.... third time's
the charm?

We had briefly discussed the idea of creating virtual context/dialplan
to handle this.  The idea would be that a context and dialplan would
be internally and automatically generated which would direct calls
sent to that context directly to ARI.  Since the impetus for this
feature was operational simplicity, not any kind of optimization of
Asterisk itself, the idea of a virtual dialplan should work well and
would seem to not cause much disruption or require much code-wrangling

I see a few ways that this might be implemented (at the user level):
 - Upon connecting an ARI application, the additional URL parameter
"context" may be passed, which would create the virtual context and
pass all calls to that context to the ARI app.
 - Add an ARI REST API call which creates a virtual context/dialplan
including, optionally, ARI parameters to be included with that call.
 - Define an automatic naming scheme for virtual dialplans associated
with ARI applications and have them generated automatically when an
ARI application connects.  For instance, the ARI application named
'HOWDY' may have an automatically-generated context named
 - Define a single context (say, 'ari_auto') whose _extensions_ map to
the names of ARI applications.

I am partial to the latter, since it seems to be the simplest, but the
second has merit, too, since it allows any number of associations and
additional execution parameters to be set.

On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 11:22 AM Ben Ford <bford at digium.com> wrote:
> Hey all,
> We’re looking into AstriCon feedback and one of the things we want to touch on is ARI --  specifically, the ability to not have to create an extensions.conf in order to dial into Stasis. Before we start working on this, we’d like some direction from the community on what people would be looking for. From a user perspective, how would you expect something like this to work? Where would you look for information on how to do this, or where it would be configured? Any feedback is welcome!
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