[asterisk-dev] Asterisk goes Spatial Conferencing: the STEAK project

Dennis Guse dennis.guse at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Fri Nov 25 08:20:18 CST 2016

Hey guys,

we continued working on our largest changeset: https://gerrit.
Besides the copyright of HRTFs (still under investigation from our side),
the only issue on our side is the introduced `settings_lock` (defined in
This lock is used in addition to the bridge-lock in bridge_softmix:1093.

The issue the settings_lock solves is that during bridge startup (actually
`softmix_mixing_thread()`) we need to know the configuration parameters (is
binaural active or not?).
Since the startup of the mixing thread and parsing the configuration is
asynchronous (at least our understanding: we saw race conditions), we use
the 2nd lock to wait until configuration information is available before
really starting the mixing thread.
We could avoid introducing the settings_lock by repeatedly checking in the
mixing loop.
However, this doesn't sound like a good idea...
Thus, a bridge now has two locks (ast_bridge_lock and the settings_lock),
which is some overengineering.

Is there a better solution to addressing this issue?

Dennis Guse

Dennis Guse

On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 5:31 PM, Joshua Colp <jcolp at digium.com> wrote:

> Dennis Guse wrote:
>> Thanks Joshua,
>> just to be clear that I understood it correctly.
>> 1. We would extend ast_format [2] with the additional field `uint
>> channel_count:1`
>> 2. We would modify `opus_parse_sdp_fmtp` [1] to set
>> `cloned->channel_count=2`on the `ast_format` to be returned.
>> Would this be acceptable or is this conceptually an issue?
> The format structure is opaque so you will need to use set and get
> functions on the format, but that is acceptable.
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