[asterisk-dev] Sending digits directly to Asterisk using DAHDI during ramal dialing

Fábio Urquiza flus at cesar.org.br
Wed Jan 20 14:19:59 CST 2016

Hi All,

I'm still developing a DAHDI driver to a specific PABX hardware that is
composed by a Digital Matrix controlled by a DSP. I already have sent a
message to the list with some questions about DAHDI developing and received
some very good advices. Now I'm facing a new problem.

In this particular hardware the DSP is responsible for receiving all events
that happen in all cards. So, for instance, if a ramal connected to a FXS
card have its phone off hook, the DSP send us a message like the one below:

Mbx: [a] Ev: [17],0,1 => Ramal 0 offhook

I understand that my driver need to call something like this when that
event is generated:

dahdi_hooksig(chan, DAHDI_RXSIG_OFFHOOK);

After that, when digit in the ramal are been pressed, the DSP already does
the DTMF detection and send us messages like that:

Mbx: [ff] Ev: [dc],0,30 => Digit 0x30 '0' detected

Mbx: [ff] Ev: [dc],0,31 => Digit 0x31 '1' detected

Now my driver need to call a function to directly send the detected digits
to DAHDI. But I looked all *kernel.h* and *dahdi-base.c* and didn't found a
function to do that.

I imagine that in the normal operation Asterisk will be waiting for the
tones to do the DTMF itself. There is a way that I can send the digits
directly using DAHDI API and skip the Asterisk DTMF detection ?

I'm using DAHDI version 2.10.2 and Asterisk version 13.7.0.

Thanks and best regards,

-Fabio Urquiza
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