[asterisk-dev] RTP/SAVP & TLS

Ross Beer ross.beer at outlook.com
Wed Jan 6 05:36:51 CST 2016

Hi Dev,
In Asterisk 1.8 Snom phones accept calls when RTP/SAVP is set to 'mandatory' which means that the RTP/SAVP options appear in the SDP 'm' lines. However in Asterisk 13 chan_pjsip, no such lines exist when using 'SDES' encryption.
Therefore Snom phones require this option to be set to 'off'. Should Asterisk 13 be offering RTP/SAVP in the same way as chan_sip did?
With regards to TLS, devices reject calls if a 'transport=transport-tls' is specified. Is this also a bug as it appears that Asterisk doesn't re-use an active connection in this situation?
Kind regards,
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