[asterisk-dev] Asterisk goes Spatial Conferencing: the STEAK project

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Aug 16 05:38:09 CDT 2016

Dennis Guse wrote:
> Hello,
> the cleanup and splitting up into individual patches took some time,
> but those are now submitted: Asterisk-26292 [1].
> The issue with this patch set is that it _requires_ libfftw3.
> We just figured out, how the dependency system works and will adjust
> the fftw-related patch by using appropriate #ifdefs defined by the
> xml-based dependency configuration system.
> Two questions came up.
> First, how is the submission procedure to Gerrit for _changed_ commits
> and resubmission?
> We submitted the patch set as branch ASTERISK-26292 to Gerrit
> referencing the bug report.
> To keep this, we, we would now need either to delete the branch (how?)
> or create a new branch (ASTERISK-26292-v2)?
> What is the preferred option?

Gerrit will actually update the review automatically when you do a "git 
review" if the Change-Id line in the commit is maintained. That is how 
it links a commit to a review. Most people either keep the branch they 
were using to develop around and squash fixes into that commit, or pull 
it down from Gerrit (using git review -d for example) and squash it in. 
That way when the "git review" is done again that existing review is 

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