[asterisk-dev] Managing With 183 Session Progress in ARI

David Huebner david.huebner at bolderthinking.com
Wed Oct 21 12:08:15 CDT 2015

I am working on initiating a new call on behalf of a channel with ARI.  Once I detect ringing on the new channel, I send ringing down on the initiating channel.  However, some carriers and/or situations signal 183 Session Progress instead of 180 Ringing.  As far as I am aware, I cannot detect the 183 on the new channel nor can I send Session Progress on the initiating channel in ARI.  As a result, I am struggling with how to handle/signal the originating call.  This is particularly troublesome since I am running into timeouts after the Invite when dialing carriers that return a 183 since no response at all is sent to the originating channel until the call is answered.  I am interested in any suggestions, ideas, or best practices that you might have for how to deal with this.


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