[asterisk-dev] ARI Snoop Channel Whisper

Michael Petruzzello michael.petruzzello at civi.com
Thu Nov 12 12:27:48 CST 2015

I have been developing an application through Asterisk's ARI. While the
Snoop Channel's spy functionality works very well, the whispering
functionality does not work, unless the channel being whispered to and the
snoop channel are both placed within a bridge.
But that defeats the point of being able to whisper.

For example, if a caller is in a conference with others, then the caller
would have to be taken out of that bridge and then placed into another
bridge so that the snoop channel could whisper to that channel. But now the
caller is missing from the conference.

Snoop's whisper would be far more effective if it could just attach itself
to another channel for like it does for spying.

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