[asterisk-dev] asterisk 11.18.0-rc1 Now Available

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Fri May 22 06:14:50 CDT 2015

Pavel Troller wrote:
> Hi!

Kia ora,

>    Not a single change on the SVN. So, is SVN totally abandoned even for
> reading and git is the only way to keep track ? Hmmm...

That is correct. There is no synchronization back to SVN.

>    If it's true, could anybody post a few points, how to convert from SVN to
> git ? At least an URL would be great. On asterisk.org, links are still
> pointing to the SVN :-(.

There's a few ways you can get the git repository and browse.

If you'd like to clone straight from the source then gerrit is where to 
go. This is also how code reviews are submitted:

The repository is also mirrored onto github for browsing and read-only 

I also do agree that stuff still needs to be updated. We'll get there!


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