[asterisk-dev] automake support in dahdi-tools

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Tue May 19 13:33:00 CDT 2015


Oron and I have been working at converting dahdi-tools's build system to
use automake.

The current patchset is in a separate branch at the dahdi-tools git


Some changes:
* If you check out from git, you'll need to run autoreconf [-i].
  - Though on most cases later on even changes to configure.ac trigger an
    automatic re-run of the configure script.
    - Right, no failed 'make' if you forgot to run ./configure .
  - version.c is created at configure time.
  - The dist tarball is created from local files and not from the git
  - Its version name has also changed if you package from git: just
    version number.
* Everything builds. Minimize the number of secondary targets
  - dahdi_pcap will build (if dahdi-linux is right and id you have pcap)
  - pppd plugin will build if you have pppd
* libtonezone.so.1 is gone. Yes, it's the same as 2, but noone should be
  using it.
  - Asterisk looks for libtonezone.so.2.0 . This name is not the
    standard name generated by autotools (libtonezone.so.2 or
    libtonezone.so.2.0.0). A symlink is manually generated.
* Installation of configuration files changed:
  - Files that may be generated: 'make install' installs them as .sample
    to /etc/dahdi.
  - Others (init.conf, modprobe.d/dahdi{,-blacklist}.conf) are installed
    unconditionally in the new install-config target.
  - Yet others (init script mostly) are install in install-config, but
    don't replace existing configuration. This is the same as the
    existing 'config' target and doesn't make sense to me.
* Still some unconverted leftovers in Makefile.legacy (mainly for
  install targets).
* make distcheck still doesn't work
  - One odd manupulation of sysconfdir in configure.ac which I'm not
    sure I can remove.
  - Setting the perl path to sitelib causes a problem as well.

Some changees I'd like to apply soon:
* There's a patch in the Debian package to remove dahdi_speed. It has
  been there for quite some time and I don't remember anybody asking for
  it. Could it be removed? Or at least: not installed by default?
* Add an option to set the perl directory to the vendorlib (again, a
  pending Debian patch).

I'd like to commit this patchset in a few days, if there are no

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