[asterisk-dev] capture the time before Answer of call in dialplan

Muteesa Fred fred.muteesa at infocom.ug
Tue May 19 02:04:37 CDT 2015

Thanks Kaloyan,

I have tried the M() option and passing ${EPOCH}, it captured the start time
and answered time.
This is exactly what I want. 
My problem is that the hangup in the macro is not effective. When I test
that a call has been answered below 5 seconds, I run hangup(), even
macroexit() but the call continues until the other party hangsup.

Thanks and regards,

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this can be done in dialplan without additional codding (and actually user
mailing list question).
Check the U() and M() options of the Dial command and pass ${EPOCH} as an

On 2015-05-15 07:54, Muteesa Fred wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I apologise this might look like a user mailing list question but it's 
> more of a developers question. I think this is the only forum that can 
> help me.
> I have spent a week trying to achieve this. I realize I might have to 
> write a C or PERL extension to achieve it but I don't know where to 
> start. Or might need to rebuild the dial funtion.
> Objective:
> I want to dial a number in asterisk via a sip-trunk, and when the 
> other party answers the call, I want to test if the call was answered 
> before
> 5
> seconds, or after 5 seconds.
> If it was answered in less than 5 seconds I want to cancel the call, 
> otherwise the call should continue.
> Your guidance will highly be appreciated.
> Regards,
> Fred Muteesa

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