[asterisk-dev] (unreported) uninitialized: struct ast_sockaddr

Alexander Traud pabstraud at compuserve.com
Mon May 11 09:16:46 CDT 2015

>> B) Change my patch not to use a char* but char[128].
> Your easiest option with less chance of regression elsewhere would be this.

Yes. Anyway: Is the Asterisk team interested in a patch at least for the 5
affected files? These are 54 changes. I am not sure if the path via an issue
(Jira) and a commit (Gerrit) is welcome for something like this.

Furthermore, again there are several options:
  I) in those 5 files, report only those 54 changes which I need; or
 II) in those 5 files, correct *all* struct inits
The latter is interesting, because there are memsets(.) which get
unnecessary then. This created an additional option/question:
III) shall I remove all - then duplicate - struct inits as well?

Or shall I stop wasting anyone's time and go for option B, a char[128]?

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