[asterisk-dev] Journald support for Asterisk

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at baywinds.org
Sat May 9 09:15:33 CDT 2015

On 05/09/2015 01:17 AM, Ludovic Gasc wrote:
> Hi,
> Systemd and Journald is now by default on Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 15.04, as on RHEL/CentOS.
> Journald supports syslog format, nevertheless, at least for us, the structured log system provided with journald helps us to debug the production.
> The idea behind that is to attach metadata with a log line to facilitate the search with journalctl, you can write queries to find the errors.
> For example, with Apache: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/mod/mod_journald.html
> For our Python daemons, for each log line, we store account_id, request_id, endpoint and method used to be easy to retrieve quickly interesting logs.
> Moreover, not yet used for us, but you can generate statistics about your source code real usage based
> on: http://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.journal-fields.html#CODE_FILE=
> For Asterisk, for example with dialplan logging, you should attach the context, the extension and the channel.
> You can simulate this journald feature with a specific format message for your logs, nevertheless, journalctl is more user-friendly to retrieve pertinent logs compare to the
> classical grep usage.
> ave no idea if i
> I'm permitted to raise the question about an eventual journald support in Asterisk because I don't find anything about that in issues tracker nor mailing list.
> Moreover, I understand that even if you add the journald support, it's certainly necessary to change logging everywhere in Asterisk, however, I should help to do that.
> Regards
> --
> Ludovic Gasc (GMLudo)
> http://www.gmludo.eu/
systemd and journald SUCK to high heaven.  I have no idea if the issues I've had with them (OpenSUSE) are distro related or inherent.

I have seen that the implementation of apache with a static systemd/journald module will no longer correctly serve content.

Please do NOT do this.  It also breaks fail2ban site security.  Asterisk works well now.  It integrates easily.

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