[asterisk-dev] AstriDevCon Follow Up - Asterisk and Kamailio - smoother integration

Johan Wilfer lists at jttech.se
Mon Feb 23 15:11:17 CST 2015

Den 2015-02-23 17:46, Matthew Jordan skrev:
>> Can you think of anything else?
> SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY format for Asterisk status.
> SIP would be an easy way to do it, particularly with how easily
> extensible the PJSIP Pub/Sub framework is.
> I think this would be a good idea to flesh out more. What would the
> event package look like? Should Asterisk PUBLISH to Kamailio, or expect
> a SUBSCRIBE and produce periodic NOTIFY requests?

One thing that Kamailio does well is to take care of registrations and 
everything related to this. If you get an INVITE you would probably want 
to involve an Asterisk, at least when the call is not for one of your 
local users (in Kamailio)

In this scenario Asterisk doesn't easily know about the users that are 
registered to Kamailio. So Asterisk has to forward the invite to 
Kamailio to learn if the user is reachable or not. Queues will work 
differently because of this (no device states for agents).

Having device-states that goes from Asterisk to Kamailio is also very 
useful. For example, if you have a conference at one of you asterisk 
servers you can set the custom device-state for CONF_1234 to BUSY, and 
you can have that end up in Kamailio.

Johan Wilfer

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