[asterisk-dev] IAX: why iax2_poke_noanswer timeout set to DEFAULT_MAXMS * 2 instead peer->pokefreqok?

Yousf Ateya y.ateya at starkbits.com
Mon Feb 23 14:25:52 CST 2015


I am investigating a problem happens in my setup. In which a trunk IAX
client becomes UNREACHABLE (peer->pokefreqnotok milliseconds) then return
OK again.

What happens in the following:
- client1 sends POKE to client2
- client2 sends PONG to client1
- PONG packet is dropped (don't reach client 1).
- After 4 seconds, client1 marks client2 as UNREACHABLE. *just for single
dropped PONG packet!*
- After peer->pokefreqnotok, client1 sends POKE again to client2
- client2 replies with PONG
- client1 sees PONG for his POKE, marks client as OK again.

Here is the code snippet which start iax2_pole_noanswer timer (asterisk

	/* Queue up a new task to handle no reply */
> 	/* If the host is already unreachable then use the unreachable interval instead */
> 	if (peer->lastms < 0)
> 		peer->pokeexpire = iax2_sched_add(sched, peer->pokefreqnotok, iax2_poke_noanswer, peer_ref(peer));
> 	else
> 		peer->pokeexpire = iax2_sched_add(sched, *DEFAULT_MAXMS * 2*, iax2_poke_noanswer, peer_ref(peer));
> Is it intended to have pokeexpire timer to fire after* DEFAULT_MAXMS * 2*
instead of *peer->pokefreqok *?

I think it is better to be:
- client1 sends POKE, wait for PONG.
- client2 sends PONG.
- If PONG packet is dropped retry it couple of times, until giving up.

Yousf Ateya,


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