[asterisk-dev] PJSIP debug question

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Fri Feb 28 06:56:28 CST 2014

On 14-02-28 08:53 AM, Steve Murphy wrote:
> ​I have been attempting to get some analog to the
> "sip set debug ip <ipaddr>" in pjsip...
> Some time ago, I found Matt's advise in the v1.12,
> to load the res_pjsip_logger.so module to get that
> feature... I investigated, and it IS loaded, nothing.
> I used core set debug 10, and added debug to the logger.conf appropriate
> entry, get a lot of stuff from
> pjsip, but no trace of the contents... so... is that
> kind of feature gone from this driver? Is Wireshark/tcpdump the ticket here?

The res_pjsip_logger module implements the following CLI commands:

pjsip set logger on
pjsip set logger on <host/IP address>
pjsip set logger off

You can also enable it at startup by using the "debug" option in the
global section of res_pjsip.conf

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