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Wed Feb 5 11:08:53 CST 2014

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Bugs: ASTERISK-22537

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Create sorcery instance registry as a precursor to creating a generic dialplan function that can retrieve parameters from a sorcery-based config file.

ast_sorcery_init now creates a hashtab as a registry.
ast_sorcery_open now checks the hashtab for an existing sorcery instance matching the caller's module name.  If it finds one, it bumps the refcount and returns it.  If not, it creates a new sorcery instance, adds it to the hashtab, then returns it.
ast_sorcery_retrieve_by_module_name is a new function that does a hashtab lookup by module name.  It can be called by the future dialplan function.

A side effect of this patch is that a module can only have 1 sorcery instance (because it's the key for the hashtab).  res_pjsip/config_system needed a small change to share the main res_pjsip sorcery instance.


  branches/12/res/res_pjsip/config_system.c 407418 
  branches/12/main/sorcery.c 407418 
  branches/12/include/asterisk/sorcery.h 407418 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3184/diff/


Made sure that users of sorcery (mostly res_pjsip) continued to load their configs correctly.
Made sure there were no ill effects on res_pjsip from config_system sharing the same sorcery instance as the rest of the pjsip infrastructure.
Made sure that config_system was properly marked as 'not reloadable' and that it was maintaining it's original values when res_pjsip was reloaded.


George Joseph

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