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in the dialplan had no effect.

I understand that App Konference is not part of the Asterisk code base. I am using it because the source code to set up a dynamic conference--as opposed to confbridge or meetme--is given away at sourceforge.net.

In general, though, is it possible to overlay spoken frames on top of a playback/background/moh?

For me, it seems possible by mixing  frames. However, does the hardware support it?


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Per channel, there is a dialplan function called volume.


AFAIK App Konference is not part of the Asterisk code base.

On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 3:08 PM, Murthy Gandikota <mgandikota at nts.net<mailto:mgandikota at nts.net>> wrote:

Hello All

What is the standard practice to adjust the volume on a channel? I am using App Konference where they have a talk volume and listen volume. No matter what I try, it's not making a difference. By the way, I know that the phone comes with a volume control. I am interested in the software control. If you are wondering what I am trying to do: I am trying to use ast_write and ast_read to write and read frames. The outgoing frames are played in the form of audio correctly. The issue is with the incoming frames--spoken frames--that cannot be heard. Interestingly, when a null frame is written, the talk volume is sufficient to hear an echo. However, when the outgoing frames are played, no conversation can be overlaid. Any help is appreciated.


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