[asterisk-dev] git migration update

Tzafrir Cohen tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com
Mon Dec 22 21:01:35 CST 2014


Thanks for the update.

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 01:03:17PM -0600, Samuel Galarneau wrote:
> Just wanted to update everyone on the git migration status and illicit some
> feedback on a few items.
> We setup an instance of Gerrit and Jenkins internally, imported the
> Asterisk testsuite into a git repo, and configured Gerrit and Jenkins
> together.

Just a note: currently we have two pending "reviews" of patches by
private mails in dahdi: one in dahdi-linux and one in dahdi-tools. I
wonder when we can start using Gerrit.

> 2 - we have a few options as far as team branches go. We could configure
> user branches using refs/heads/team/${username}/* permissions in Gerrit to
> allow users to create branches. This would prohibit other users from
> pushing to a user branch, but they would still be visible. This would most
> likely involve reproducing some sort of automerge/autorebase process. The
> other option is to use github as another remote for team branches, with a
> remote pointing to Gerrit for code reviews. Is there a preference between
> these two approaches, or perhaps a better setup we could follow?

What if I have my own git server (which is not github)?

But then again, why are team branches needed? When I work on my own
branch I keep it in sync with the main development branch manually. If I
don't work on it, it will fall back, but merging the changes (or
rebasing) should be easy with git. And if I want to work on someone
else's branch I can do this sync on my own.

I don't think I'd want automerge. Autorebase is probably bad as you
can't clone that branch. If I rebase a branch I'd like to decide when it
is done.

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