[asterisk-dev] Asterisk 12 - Security Fix Only! (aka: update repotools)

Richard Mudgett rmudgett at digium.com
Wed Dec 10 14:05:01 CST 2014

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Matthew Jordan <mjordan at digium.com> wrote:

> tl;dr: Update repotools, run 'make'/'make install'
> Since the final bug fix release of Asterisk 12 has now been made as a
> release candidate, we need to start merging bug fixes from the
> Asterisk 11 branch directly into Asterisk 13. As such, repotools has
> been updated with new merge links to support merge1113 and its
> variants.
> Please update your repotools check-outs, and re-install the scripts
> using the Makefile script. Thanks!

Don't forget to rerun ./configure before rerunning make!

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