[asterisk-dev] Slow Sip Processing

Ross Beer ross.beer at outlook.com
Tue Dec 2 15:34:21 CST 2014

I've run into an issue with slow processing of SIP packets on Asterisk 11, which isn't present in Asterisk 1.8.
I believe the issue to be related to asterisk realtime and cache. In version 1.8 asterisk appears to use cache data or if present static config. However in version 11 a call is made to the database every time a call comes in even if there is a static peer defined or cache is present. 
The issue has become apparent recently when one server calls a group of phones that reside on another server. For example 'Asterisk A (Asterisk 11)' calls multiple phones on 'Asterisk B (Asterisk 11)' at exactly the same time, a delay is present which causes the phones to ring at different times. 
If however 'Asterisk A (Asterisk 11) makes the same calls to 'Asterisk C (Asterisk 1.8)'  all phones ring in time. 
When looking at the CLI, the calls coming into 'Asterisk B' show a slight delay in processing, however a call from a phone on the same server to the same group has no such delay. 
This leads me to believe that processing of packets from other servers is delayed in some way, however I am unable to find the cause. I've even downgraded to Asterisk 1.8 on 'Asterisk B' which removes the issue.
 The question I have is why does the realtime architecture query the database even if the peer is not dynamic? Does Asterisk 11 not check for static peers before checking the database?
Can anyone shed any light on this?
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