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Fri Aug 29 21:33:37 CDT 2014

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The context/extension in a CDR is generally considered the destination of a call. When looking at a 2-party call CDR, users will typically be presented with the following:

context    exten      channel     dest_channel app  data
default    1000       SIP/8675309 SIP/1000     Dial SIP/1000,,20

However, if the Dial actually takes place in a Macro, the current behaviour in 12 will result in the following CDR:

context    exten      channel     dest_channel app  data
macro-dial s          SIP/8675309 SIP/1000     Dial SIP/1000,,20

The same is true of a GoSub:

context    exten      channel     dest_channel app  data
subs       dial_stuff SIP/8675309 SIP/1000     Dial SIP/1000,,20

This generally makes the context/exten fields less than useful.

It isn't hard to preserve these values in the CDR state machine; however, we need to have something that informs us when a channel is executing a subroutine. Today, there isn't anything that does this.

This patch solves this problem by adding a new channel flag, AST_FLAG_SUBROUTINE_EXEC. This flag is set on a channel when it executes a Macro or a GoSub. The CDR engine looks for this value when updating a Party A snapshot; if the flag is present, we don't override the context/exten on the main CDR object. In a funny quirk, executing a hangup handler must *not* abide by this logic, as the endbeforehexten logic assumes that the user wants to see data that occurs in hangup logic, which includes those subroutines. Since those execute outside of a typical Dial operation (and will typically have their own dedicated CDR anyway), this is unlikely to cause any heartburn.


  /branches/12/main/cdr.c 422438 
  /branches/12/include/asterisk/channel.h 422438 
  /branches/12/apps/app_stack.c 422438 
  /branches/12/apps/app_macro.c 422438 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3962/diff/


All existing CDR tests and the hangup handler tests pass.

In addition, a new test has been added on review 3963. This test performs several Dials within a Macro/GoSub, with at least one nested GoSub/Macro/GoSub wrapping a Dial. The CDR entry is verified to have the expected fields.


Matt Jordan

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