[asterisk-dev] Thoughts on the future of phoneprov.

George Joseph george.joseph at fairview5.com
Fri Aug 29 11:25:34 CDT 2014

The last hurdle for me to adopt pjsip has been what to do with phoneprov
and now that chan_sip has been moved to extended support, this has come to
the front burner.   I've been thinking of ways to make the existing
res_phoneprov configurable to use either the existing users.conf/sip.conf
infrastructure or pjsip.  Maybe create a new res_pjsip_provisioning module
that provides a new pjsip provisioning object which would be associated to
an endpoint.   It would contain mac address, profile, line keys, etc.  Then
res_phoneprov could be modified to use alternate config back-ends leaving
the existing users.conf/sip.conf mechanism as the default (for now).
Actually, with this approach, you could use multiple config back-ends at
the same time.

Thoughts?  Other ideas?
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