[asterisk-dev] ARI and simple Dial

Yuriy Gorlichenko ovoshlook at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 07:18:58 CDT 2014

Hello. We trying to develom app like queue with ARI.

After call to extension we start Stasis from dialplan and call our app.

Our app must create bridge with existing one channel (that calls Stasis
from dialplan. ChannelId we send over statis parameters like:


So after calling CustonQueue we successfully creates bridge, and must send
new channel (called party) to bridge

We Used POST /channels to do this but we have a problem with Endpoint
parameter. We do not need Call to Endpoint. We just need to call some
extension (or device) from some context that creates new channel that will
join to our already existing bridge.

So as I know at develop state of RESTFull interface at ARI was application
like channels/{channelid}/Dial that was removes:


So can we use something else do Generate single channel without calling
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