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Thu Aug 7 16:29:09 CDT 2014

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>From the issue:

Long story short, we set fromdomainport to STANDARD_SIP_PORT if it is not set by the user in fromdomain(see http://doxygen.asterisk.org/trunk/df/df0/chan__sip_8c-source.html#l30599). The issue is, in two places, we do the following:

int ourport = (p->fromdomainport) ? p->fromdomainport : ast_sockaddr_port(&p->ourip);

Which means we will always use fromdomainport even if it wasn't actually set by the user. A side effect of this is when using SIP over TLS, an MWI response will always include port 5060 in the Message-Account field even though TLS uses 5061 (see http://doxygen.asterisk.org/trunk/df/df0/chan__sip_8c-source.html#l15086).

The attached patch resolves this issue.


  trunk/channels/chan_sip.c 420308 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3893/diff/


Made and received calls without issue. Tested MWI notifications as well.



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