[asterisk-dev] managerEvent XML documentation

Corey Farrell git at cfware.com
Fri Aug 1 17:47:09 CDT 2014

Hello everyone,

As part of r3811 I'm fixing build_tools/get_documentation so it picks
up every /*** DOCUMENTATION ***/ block, instead of just the first from
each file.  As a side-effect this picked up some validation error's
that were previously unnoticed.  One of them is in main/logger.c, the
LogChannel event documentation.  This event has two variations -
"Enable: yes", and "Enable: no\nReason: %d - %s".  Personally I feel
it would be better if we had separate LogChannelStart and
LogChannelStop events, but I suspect it's too late for that.  Assuming
we keep the single event with two variations, how should it be


Note: although the fix to build_tools/get_documentation could apply to
11/12, this caused the build to fail due to many documentation
validation errors.  I'm not against eventually back-porting the fix,
but for now I'm proposing it for trunk only as I don't have time to
audit/fix/test the documentation in those versions.

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