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Bugs: ASTERISK-23592

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I have been actively testing Unistim devices (i2002 & i2004) and have encountered issues with
1) dialtone wrong
2) inability to select DTMF playback duration
3) inability to set date to match than of a Nortel CS1000
4) mute causing playback to be muted as well as microphone
5) Timer displayed in French (Duree)

The attached patch fixes as follows:
1) The "modulation" should not be referenced for tone+tone as it refers to the on-off characteristic I believe - this often resulted in a single tone rather than the multitone as in the UK.
2) I have added the unistim.conf variable dtmf_duration which can select the DTMF playback duration from 0ms to 150ms (0 is off and is the new default)
3) I have enabled the transmission of MonthLabels (in English) which are sent with the date and changed the dateformat variable to accept the values 0-3 as per the UNISTIM standard (2 & 3 match the previous 1 & 2 formats).
4) I have enabled the "Mute" packet and merged it into the previous code. It now only mutes the microphone. (Improvements welcome)
5) Changed Duree to Timer on i2004 display


  /trunk/configs/unistim.conf.sample 412191 
  /trunk/channels/chan_unistim.c 412191 
  /trunk/CHANGES 412191 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3430/diff/


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