[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 3339: Testsuite: ARI test for playback of audio to a channel in a bridge.

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Thu Apr 10 15:13:13 CDT 2014

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Repository: testsuite


This was created to test the changes in /r/3338

This test is pretty simple. A channel is placed into an ARI bridge, and two playbacks are queued up in quick succession. The test ensures that the files play and that the first file plays and finishes before the second file plays and finishes.


  /asterisk/trunk/tests/rest_api/playback/to_channel_in_bridge/test-config.yaml PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/tests/rest_api/playback/to_channel_in_bridge/play_file.py PRE-CREATION 
  /asterisk/trunk/tests/rest_api/playback/tests.yaml 4836 

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Mark Michelson

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