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Tue Apr 1 09:17:26 CDT 2014

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Fixing bugs link.

Bugs: ASTERISK-23547

Repository: Asterisk


If you have only realtime members in queue 'sales', for example, and callers are waiting on this queue, when you do 'module reload app_queue.so' all the callers will be removed with EXITEMPTY reason.

The problem is when we reload app_queue, the function:

    static int mark_member_dead(void *obj, void *arg, int flags)
            struct member *member = obj;
            if (!member->dynamic) {
                    member->delme = 1;
            return 0;

is called and mark the static AND REALTIME members as dead.

At the same time, the remaining callers on queue are checking if there are available members through the function get_member_status. This functions iterate over all members of the queue and will return 0 if there are available members, or -1 if there's no members available.

If you have one realtime member with status inuse and the queue is configured with leavewhenempty=penalty,invalid, for example, the callers will join this queue and will keep waiting for an available member.
Before the reload, the get_member_status will always return 0, because there is one available member with status inuse, but when you reload the app_queue.so, the realtime member will be removed by mark_member_dead (and kill_dead_members) function and the callers waiting on queue will leave with reason EXITEMPTY because get_member_status doesn't iterate over members (there's no members at this time) and returns -1.


  /branches/1.8/apps/app_queue.c 411294 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3404/diff/


I've tested the main operations:

 adding/removing dynamic members
 adding/removing static members
 adding/removing realtime members

All worked.

Tested reloading module with calls waiting on queues, all worked.


Italo Rossi

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