[asterisk-dev] SaySentence/SoundPack Proposal

Andreas Sikkema h323 at ramdyne.nl
Sat Nov 30 06:52:31 CST 2013

On 29/11/13 06:03 , Steve Murphy wrote:

> ​Tzafrir, as far as I know, the locale files are THE place to put such
> locale specific information.
> This is no departure from the system of organization presented by GNU
> gettext, and is in use for
> hundreds of languages in even more locales. The language pack is exactly
> tailored for a specific locale.

Locale and language should not be mixed. In the Netherlands it's quite
common to have both English (en_EN) and Dutch (nl_NL) languages
available in IVR's, but we wouldn't dare (be allowed) to announce
pricing in pounds.

In the US Spanish (which one) and English (en_US) are quite common, but
you wouldn't announce pricing in dollars and pesetas, they should both
be dollars.

There's load of examples where locale and language are not hard linked,
so linking them in a language pack is IMHO a bad idea. The problem is of
course that this, thinking it through, would require every language to
be able to handle *all* supported locales. There is room for
optimisation, but there might always be a few people complaining about
missing Japanese support for the Zimbabwe locale...

Andreas Sikkema

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