[asterisk-dev] scalability issue with realtime lastms update on qualify state change

Damon Estep damon at soho-systems.com
Mon Nov 18 10:07:52 CST 2013

	To be fair, we've only heard from one person (you) for which these updates are a problem.
	Given that we've done our best to confine only C-level developers to this list and keep users of Asterisk on the -users list,
	this isn't the best place to be doing surveys of the value of particular updates. 
	Of course, given how high-volume the -users list has been, even that list may not be the best place to do such a survey, as busy people tend to unsubscribe.

I agree, and believe that the issue tracker is the best place to document these types of concerns, but I was politely pushed to this thread the last time I posted something similar there. https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-22841. It seems that each group has a different suggestion on where these issues belong, which ultimately hurts the project as it discourages collaboration. Not trying to be argumentative or disrespectful (actually, I am quite grateful that some of projects finest have chimed in on this), just making an observation.

	That said, adding yet another "knob" to tweak only solves the problem for you, and it ensures that the next time somebody has this problem,
	they're going to have to do all the same troubleshooting you've done, and additionally a little research to find this knob to tweak,
	which may not even be in their interests to turn off.  If we address the problem the "right" way _now_, then there's no knob to tweak,
	and the problem simply doesn't occur in the future.  I consider that to be well-worth the extra pain.


I could not agree more. My solution is a self-serving solution implemented out of pure necessity. There is always a better way and I will help in any way I can to find the better way. My skills are a bit weak to fix this one "the right way" by myself.

Thanks again for your feedback,


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