[asterisk-dev] To-tag checks in chan_sip 1.8

Mark Michelson mmichelson at digium.com
Mon Nov 18 09:46:49 CST 2013

On 11/18/2013 08:39 AM, Olle E. Johansson wrote:
> Hi!
> Someone (I can't track the change down in svn here) changed the to-tag handling in chan_sip to this:
> /* Get their tag if we haven't already */
>          if (ast_strlen_zero(p->theirtag) || (resp >= 200)) {
>                  char tag[128];
>                  gettag(req, "To", tag, sizeof(tag));
>                  ast_string_field_set(p, theirtag, tag);
>          } else {
>                  /* Store theirtag to track for changes when 200 responses to invites are received without SDP */
>                  ast_string_field_set(p, theirprovtag, p->theirtag);
>          }
> This change broke a lot of installations with forking proxys and PRACK. Before an established dialog, many to-tags can come in from various phones and servers ringing, but you lock when the dialog is established.
> This code makes our responses use the first tag and not use the tag from the request we're responding to, which breaks communication.
> In order for me to fix this, I would need help in finding the commit and the reason for this change. Maybe we could change like this:
> if (!ast_test_flag(&p->flags[1], SIP_PAGE2_DIALOG_ESTABLISHED)) {
> Thanks for your help!
> /O
Here's the review that resulted in that change:


It was committed to 1.8 in revision 399989.

You and I both shipped it. :)

To sum up the change, the idea was that if we get a 200 OK with no SDP 
in response to on an outgoing initial INVITE, then we should still be 
able to accept the 200 OK if a provisional response was received that 
had an SDP. In order to make sure that the 200 OK was received from the 
same destination that sent the provisional response with SDP, we save 
the to-tag from the provisional response.

The problem, as you have noted, is that we can receive provisional 
responses from many destinations if the call is forked. I made the 
following note on the review:

" Our INVITE could be forked by a proxy to multiple UASs. If multiple 
destinations send 183 responses with SDP answers, then it becomes 
important not only that we negotiated an SDP but that we received an SDP 
on the particular branch that the 200 OK is received on. And as you 
know, chan_sip's transaction and forking awareness is pretty dismal."

The to-tag problem can be worked around (likely with the suggested patch 
in your e-mail). I just fear that in a forking scenario that there's 
more that can go wrong. To fix it correctly, we need proper transaction 
and forking support in chan_sip. Let's say we send an INVITE, it gets 
forked, and we receive 183 responses from destinations A, B, and C with 
SDPs a, b, and c respectively. Now destination B sends a 200 OK with no 
SDP. We now have to not only use the appropriate to-tag to match the 
incoming 200 OK, but we also have to apply SDP b to the outgoing call as 
well, even though the latest SDP we received may have been SDP a or c. 
This seems like a fairly reasonable scenario given the setup you have 

Mark Michelson
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