[asterisk-dev] scalability issue with realtime lastms update on qualify state change

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Sat Nov 16 01:57:32 CST 2013

15 nov 2013 kl. 23:58 skrev Damon Estep <damon at soho-systems.com>:

> Remember that when 1000 peers are offline there are an extra 7000 packets being sent every 10s to try and reach them. Asterisk gets behind in processing the good responses, and the calculated RTT time for GOOD peers starts exceeding the maxms threshold, then the GOOD peers go offline too. Big snowball comes rolling down the hill and all is lost, all peers start flapping reachable/unreachable, and a quick restart of asterisk calms it down.
Any theory on why asterisk gets behind?


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