[asterisk-dev] AES-GCM mode SRTP

Kristian Kielhofner kris at kriskinc.com
Mon Nov 11 13:16:16 CST 2013

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM, Matthew Jordan <mjordan at digium.com> wrote:
> The patch looks good for the parsing/understanding of the attribute. Thanks
> for the contribution!


> Unfortunately, Asterisk is a little goofy in that it assumed there were only
> two tag lengths possible (32 or 80). You can take a look where it parses out
> the encryption_taglen parameter here in chan_sip:
> } else if (!strcasecmp(v->name, "encryption_taglen")) {
> ast_set2_flag(&peer->flags[2], !strcasecmp(v->value, "32"),

  This assumption is very common.

> You'd probably want to eschew the usage of flags and instead store the tag
> length value directly on the peer. You'd then have to extract that before
> calling crypto_get_attrib/ast_sdp_srtp_get_attrib - those should probably be
> updated to take in an enum value specifying the tag length, as opposed to a
> binary option.
> Similarly, res_pjsip would need to get updated to parse out a tag length
> instead of having a 'use 32 instead of 80' option.

  The draft for AES-GCM mode with SRTP specifies 128, 192, and 256 bit
modes (as does RFC 6188) so ideally we'd move from specifying the tag
length to specifying the full crypto suite (but that's probably
another issue for another day).  Also, I haven't investigated how
Asterisk handles the SDP offer/answer behavior of multiple crypto
offers on incoming/outgoing invites.

  Anyway, for 128 bit AES-GCM specifying the tag length is fine and as
you can see that's what my code does.  Updating the parsing of the
configs for chan_sip and pjsip is a TODO.

  Speaking of TODOs, the autoconf portions of Asterisk will need to be
updated to check for EVP_EncryptInit, EVP_aes_128_ctr, and
EVP_aes_128_gcm in OpenSSL (requires 1.0.1 or later) and
crypto_policy_set_aes_gcm_128_8_auth in libsrtp.  I haven't started on
any of this.  In the code itself, should AES-GCM mode and it's
required dependency on OpenSSL/libsrtp be a define?

> In both cases, some care would have to be taken to ensure that DTLS is also
> configured correctly - I'm not sure if it can use the AES-GCM option as
> well.

  The AES-GCM draft does specify the SRTP protection profiles for use with DTLS:


  Unfortunately I haven't even started to get in to the DTLS code in Asterisk.

Kristian Kielhofner

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