[asterisk-dev] Error decoding H245 message - ooh323c

Gabriele Odone gabriele.odone at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 10:35:28 CST 2013


- Asterisk 11.4
- H323 trunk between Asterisk and "Polycom CMA" (H323 Gatekeeper) using
ooh323c module.
- An H323 MCU  ("Polycom RMX") is registered to "Polycom CMA" gatekeeper.

When H323 calls are placed by Polycom RMX, the following lines are written
in /var/log/asterisk/h323_log:

16:42:04:417  Asn1Error: -2 at ooh323c/src/decode.c:67
16:42:04:418  Error decoding H245 message (incoming, ooh323c_2)

The same code generating this error is also in the latest 11.6 and 12.0

Symptom: From the "Polycom RMX" side, the call is heard ringing. From the
SIP side, the call is received and answered.

If, instead of placing the call from the "Polycom RMX", I place the call
from another H323 endpoint (registered to the same H323 Gatekeeper,
"Polycom CMA"), the call goes through without such error.

I suppose it is a H245 parsing error.

Please let me know if I should open a bug, I can provide also the tcpdump.


Gabriele Odone
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