[asterisk-dev] Plaintext auth support in IAX2

Steve Edwards asterisk.org at sedwards.com
Wed Nov 6 09:06:36 CST 2013

>>>> If a user specified "plaintext", emit an ERROR and reject loading 
>>>> chan_iax2. Users should not be allowed to load the channel driver 
>>>> with an invalid configuration, and you don't want to "help them" with 
>>>> their authentication options.

I'd rather reject the offending 'user' than abort loading the channel and 
'losing' all my correctly configured users.

Does this mean that a typo in any configuration option (that has a known 
set of valid options) will cause all of my IAX2 users to disappear when 
the channel is reloaded?

Does SIP behave the same way?

Thanks in advance,
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