[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 2992: stasis_channels: Don't give preference to ANI information when publishing caller ID name and number

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Tue Nov 5 14:53:31 CST 2013

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Committed in revision 402501

Repository: Asterisk


When publishing channel snapshots, we currently compute the caller ID name and number by giving preference first to ani.{name|number}, then to id.{name|number}. However, when a channel driver (such as chan_sip) updates the caller ID, it typically only updates the caller ID stored in id.{name|number}. This means that we are currently giving preference to stale information.

When looking at the rest of the code base, the only other place where we appear to use this same logic is in app_amd. Everywhere else, we treat the party information in ani as being separate to the party information in id.

This patch publishes only the caller ID name and number in the snapshot field for caller_name and caller_num. Note that the information in ANI is still available in caller_ani.


  /branches/12/main/stasis_channels.c 402448 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2992/diff/


The failing tests bridge/connected_line_update and bridge/transfer_failure now pass. Previously, upon updating caller ID information, the number portion published was the previous caller ID number; with this patch the caller ID number is now correct.


Matt Jordan

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