[asterisk-dev] Call is lost when Parking lot is full

Mert Yazgart efes9999 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 4 14:04:19 CST 2013

I'm relatively new to Asterisk, and not familiar with the inner workings
 of the code. It was recommended that I post here (instead of the users 
list) - I appreciate it if a developer with experience with Asterisk 
parking can shed some light on the issue I'm having.

I'm basically letting Asterisk (1.8.23) handle all of the parking process:

parkext => 700
parkpos => 701-702
context => parkedcalls

On the Cisco phone, I programmed one of the soft keys to park the calls:
Key: fnc=sd;ext=700 at;vid=1;nme=Park

I can either press this key or dial #700 to park the call. Both work smoothly.

The problem happens when I try to park a call when the parking lot is full:

 if I try to park it with dialing #700,I get a warning message saying 
that it can't be done. The existing call (that I tried to park) stays on
 as intended. This is the desired behavior.

- On the other hand, 
if I try to park it via using the Key (which sends a REFER), Asterisk 
responds with a SIP 503 message (which the phone processes correctly 
telling me that its an invalid transfer). However, the existing call is 
gone - both caller and callee's phones show as if there is a call, but 
they are not connected to each other.  There is no SIP BYE. Asterisk CLI
 says :
Spawn extension (callee) exited non-zero on 'Parking\SIP\caller'...

Is there something that can be done not to lose the call?

I noticed that parking with dialing #700 and parking with the key button seem to be handled differently in the Asterisk code with different results in this case:

#700 goes thru xfer_park_call_helper and eventually masq_call_transfer in features.c.
Key method (REFER) goes thru sip_park_thread in chan_sip.c, ast_park_call_exten and park_call_full in features.c.

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