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Review request for Asterisk Developers, kmoore, Matt Jordan, and rmudgett.

Bugs: ASTERISK-22138

Repository: Asterisk


Adds the following unit tests to res_parking

create_lot: Creates a lot, adds it to the parking lot list, makes sure it can find it in the parking lot list, and then removes it and makes sure removal was successful.
park_call: Creates/adds a parking lot, then parks test channel Alice into the parking lot. After a short sleep, Alice is then forcibly removed from the bridge and hung up.
retrieve_call: Creates/adds a parking lot and parks Alice. After a short sleep, Alice is retrieved from the parking lot with normal park call retrieval functions, then hung up.
park_extensions: Creates a parking lot which will register extensions. The Park and Parkedcall extensions are checked for their presence and then the parking lot is removed and destroyed. At this point the extensions are checked again to make sure there are no leftovers.

These tests live within the res_parking module because they test basic functionality of res_parking internal functions which aren't available to external modules.


  /trunk/res/parking/parking_bridge.c 395747 
  /trunk/res/parking/parking_bridge_features.c 395747 
  /trunk/res/parking/res_parking.h 395747 
  /trunk/res/res_parking.c 395747 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2714/diff/


Created the tests and ran them.
Made sure res_parking compiles and functions normally both with and without TEST_FRAMEWORK enabled.
Varied the expectations to deliberately differ from the real expected results to see how the tests would handle failure.



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