[asterisk-dev] [Code Review] 2712: Add a swap channel to BridgeEnter event and add a ParkedCallSwap event.

Mark Michelson reviewboard at asterisk.org
Mon Jul 29 16:48:47 CDT 2013

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Bugs: ASTERISK-22193

Repository: Asterisk


This does two things:

1) The stasis event for channels entering bridges now also includes the unique ID of a channel being swapped out of the bridge if relevant.
2) The stasis event for parking a call now has another event type for swapping out the parked channel.

Both of these are intended for clarity when reading the AMI event stream. The idea is that it becomes more clear that a channel entering a bridge or parking lot is doing so to take the place of a channel already there.


  /trunk/main/cel.c 395704 
  /trunk/main/bridge_channel.c 395704 
  /trunk/include/asterisk/stasis_bridges.h 395704 
  /trunk/include/asterisk/parking.h 395704 
  /trunk/main/stasis_bridges.c 395704 
  /trunk/res/parking/parking_bridge.c 395704 
  /trunk/res/parking/parking_manager.c 395704 
  /trunk/main/manager_bridges.c 395704 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2712/diff/


Performed a call where I did an attended transfer of a party to a parking lot. The BridgeEnter event when the transferee entered the parking lot indicated the unique ID of the transferer channel that initially was in the parking bridge. Then a ParkedCallSwap event occurred to show that the channel in the parking lot was replaced with a new channel.


Mark Michelson

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