[asterisk-dev] No audio when Chrome to Asterisk to PSTN calls go to voicemail or forward

James Mortensen james.mortensen at voicecurve.com
Fri Jul 26 11:08:19 CDT 2013

I have a problem where, when a user makes a call from Chrome through
Asterisk 11.5 to the PSTN, if the calls go to voicemail, or when calls
forward to another number, there is no audio.

I emailed the list a couple days ago with all of the details of the problem
that I thought would be helpful, but the post was too large. So, if there's
anything I can provide to help troubleshoot this, please don't hesitate to

I see RTP flowing, but only 1 way from PSTN through Asterisk to Chrome,
even though no audio can be heard. This happens with BANDWIDTH and Level 3
carriers, and we even opened a ticket with one of them where they found no
problem on their side.

I also compared the SIP messaging for a good call, one that doesn't
forward, with a bad call, one that has busy no answer call forwarding set
to dial another number, and I can't see any differences in the messaging.

Again, let me know what I can provide. Thank you!

James Mortensen
Project Manager, VoiceCurve, Inc.
james.mortensen at voicecurve.com
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