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Thu Jul 25 09:10:33 CDT 2013

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In previous versions of Asterisk, when masquerades happened a lot and external systems needed to track and maintain the state of channels during a masquerade, the rename events that showed which channel had been replaced by a zombie made sense. (Or at least, could be justified).

Now, masquerades are very rare and are hidden. Their last remaining vestige of life (for some definition of "life") is the renaming of the channel to "%s<ZOMBIE>".

And of course, this still causes problems.

When a call pickup occurs (one of the only two scenarios where a masquerade still occurs), the channel that was replaced in the pickup gets zombiefied. When that occurs, CDRs will start to freak out a bit, as they start to receive updates for channels that they can't identify. I would imagine external systems monitoring CEL and/or AMI will also get a bit confused.

While we could track rename events, masquerade callbacks, etc. - it all is rather meaningless now. When a masquerade occurs today, it only occurs when a channel is replaced and the replaced channel is immediately hung up. There's no need for the rename.

This kills the rename (and as a result, makes call pickup in CDRs work. Yay!)


  /trunk/main/channel.c 395072 

Diff: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/2690/diff/



Matt Jordan

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