[asterisk-dev] spec files for RPMs - which repository?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Tue Jul 23 04:37:17 CDT 2013


I've tried building RPMs using the spec files from packages.asterisk.org

They all have small issues, for example, missing build dependencies. 
Some of them try to do things as root (like accessing /var/log/),
although it is trivial to patch them to run without root permissions. 
I've made local versions that work for me, however, I would like to
track these on github for other people to share.

When I looked in the repositories, I couldn't see the spec files, for

Can somebody please let me know if they are tracked in some other
repository?  Or if not, can somebody with commit access include them in
the repositories?  Then it is easier for users to keep them in sync with
any future changes.



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